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HP Latex 310 Printer

Expand your business, not your shop space.

Expand into a versatile range of high-quality, durable indoor and outdoor applications with the affordable HP Latex 310 Printer. With a compact design ideal for smaller workspaces. 

The New HP Latex 310 has a print width of 54in and a max print speed of 48m2/hr. Unlike other HP Latex printers the 310 only requires two domestic 3 pin plugs, making it one of the most efficient latex printers on the market. The printer comes with the SAI FlexiPrint HP Edition RIP which makes tiling, nesting and printing a breeze.
It’s small footprint and true front loading allows the printer to be placed against the wall, freeing up more space than ever before and puts the operator in a better place to multitask. The prints can be used in more places, even in odour sensitive areas such as hospitals, schools and restaurants. The HP Latex 310 is a great entry level printer for small to medium sized PSP, vehicle wrappers, Design studios and Signage providers.
The new HP Latex inks work with an optimizer module which eliminates the needs for substrate preheating, this allows the printer to start up in under 2 minutes, compared with 9 minutes for previous Latex printers.
HP Latex 330 Printer

Expand your business, not your shop space.

Gain versatility and enjoy convenient printing of indoor and outdoor jobs with the HP Latex 330 Printer. This affordable printer delivers print jobs fast, using healthier Latex water-based Inks and produces durable, scratch-resistance prints comparable to hard-solvent inks.

The HP Latex 330 is a low-maintenance large format printer which increases print productivity with super fast media drying and immediate ripping. It comes bundled with the HP Edition of FlexiPrint RIP which enables operators to easily, RIP, Print, Tile and Nest. Since the printer no longer heats the substrate, printing on a wider range of substrates, especially heat sensitive substrates has never been easier.
The intuitive 4in touch screen enables the user to easily choose colour profiles to ensure correct colour consistency, and since its web connected getting new profiles is as simple as searching the HP Profile directory. The panel also allows fine tuning of existing profiles to ensure better quality prints.
HP Latex 360 Printer

Expand your business, not your shop space.

Exceed client expectations with production speeds ideal for handling urgent jobs. The HP Latex 360 Printer produces indoor and outdoor prints on a variety of traditional signage substrates—even textiles. And high-quality, durable prints provide scratch resistance comparable to hard-solvent inks. 

TThe HP Latex 360 is the flagship of the HP 300 Latex series, sporting a 64in print width, embedded photospectrometer for building custom ICC profiles and a huge 8in, full featured touch screen for easy control. Printing on a wider range of textiles, fabrics and porous media is a breeze using the ink collector module which also enables the operator to print at full bleed. Producing scratch resistant prints which can be left unlaminated and used outdoors for up to 3 years, is possible thanks to the new 3rd generation latex ink and the innovative ink optimizer.
The HP Latex 360 features a large 8in full colour touch screen with direct access to HPs online substrate profile library, including the ability to generate custom profiles using the X-Rite i1 Pro spectrophotometer. The Latex 360 helps ensure prints are precise using the Optical Media Advance Sensor which keeps track of the substrate position, its also enables the operator to print double sided banners with relative ease.
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