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Seal 62 Ultra Plus 61" Laminator

Ultimate first time roller laminator where high quality yet low volume, professional output is required. The inclusion of twin heated rollers and a powered rewind station ensures the 62 Ultra Plus is the ideal, easy to use, highly capable solution. At a working width of 1550 mm, the SEAL 62 Ultra Plus is the easiest SEAL wide format laminator available.
Seal 65 EL 65" Laminator

The SEAL 65 EL is a high quality, affordably priced cold roll laminator specifically designed for new users to confidently create professionally-finished wide format graphics. Built for safety and ease of use, this sturdy machine is just right for laminating and mounting pressure-sensitive graphics up to 65” wide. Its durable uniframe construction requires no assembly and minimal maintenance. Made in the U.S.A. and backed by the most dependable manufacturer in the industry, the 65 EL is a smart option for entrance into the wide format graphics market.
Seal 65 Pro MD 65" Laminator

The SEAL 65 Pro MD is the ultimate laminator for finishing professionals.
This 65" wide laminator can run both hot and cold applications and is capable of running thermal film at two to three times the speed of other laminators on the market. 
Combining over 100 years of knowledge and experience in engineering and design, the 65 Pro MD incorporates the newest technology.
Seal 80 Pro D 80" Laminator

Looking to produce extra wide signs and displays with ease? Look no further than the new SEAL 80 Pro!
This dual-heated, 80" wide mounter, laminator and encapsulator has been designed to simplify the handling of over-sized prints for single person operation. 
An extended version of the successful SEAL 62 Pro, this incredible laminator has all of the performance-led features you would expect from SEAL.

It is capable of running a wide variety of media and can generate high process speeds - making this machine perfect for businesses that are looking to build in extra capacity and more versatility. 

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